Saturday, March 16, 2013

"It" spoke to me...

A gut reaction
is what art and design are truly all about. Something moves you in a unique way when you connect with perfection.
I call that gut feeling "It".
This sensation often happens when one walks down the street. Suddenly you see a woman who stands apart, strikes a chord, and simply looks great.
What makes her unique? 
The thing that differentiates her is "It". After many years in the creative arena I am confident that "It" is truly a unique gift.
A precious commodity that few possess.

A trip to Bergdorf's plus the help of a good vendeuse can make anybody look good. It's just as easy to buy a page out of the Restoration Hardware catalog.
Parody is rote 
and two are rarely better than one. So, while tasteful, the end result lacks the chic of "It"!

Diana Vreeland was the ultimate "It" girl.
Never a traditional beauty, she leveraged
the subtle nuances of color, proportion,
and scale to stand out. She used the
power of knowledge 
to challenge all pre-defined norms. Pushing elegance beyond those previously safe traditional boundaries.
A passionate advocate for all things new, Diana exposed us to innovative ideas, people, and places. Confidence set Diana apart and that was her version of "It".

Leveraging talent
is totally "It". Everything about Bobsy Goodspeed screamed "It".  From her portrait by Bernard Boutet de Monvel, to Lincoln Park penthouse designed by David Adler, to pals like Gertrude and Alice B.

Sadly some truly lack chic.
While one may applaud their
self confidence, too much of a
bad thing is a nightmare.
Beyond large check books, only some deep, dark psychosis could drive them to make style statements that make one want to scream "What?". And that dear readers is most definitely the polar opposite of "It"!