Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This past weekend I must admit that we acted like tourists! We shopped, dined, went to the theater, and a movie. And yet, the highlight was Sunday "supper" at "C's" apartment.
You see, nothing satisfies this savage beast more than
a quiet evening at home.
We continue to live in limbo until next Monday. That's when we finally get the keys to our new apartment. While residing in a hotel suite is easy, it's rather surreal. I simply want my own space so that I can slip into a steady routine and naturally
let life flow...
Most important, I'm looking forward to having our own kitchen. In Manhattan you can dine out 365 days a year at a different restaurant each meal. While amazing, after awhile all of that gets rather tedious. What I really crave is the ultimate feast, a quiet dinner at home
prepared by Chef Francois. 
Some of my fondest Manhattan memories are of evenings chez moi. I can't quite explain it but somehow a home cooked dinner in New York seems much more special than an evening out. I'm eager to pull out my recipes and
pamper our guests!