Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Give me a break!

Where is spring? 
It officially started last week but so far, we've seen little to none of it. Last week the midwest was
hit with a major winter storm.
Over the weekend St Louis
got up to 14 inches of snow.
Aren't you wondering what
happened to global warming?

I'm am so ready... 
And based on their assortments, so are the retailers here in Manhattan! Mounds of pastel togs sit waiting to be loved. Yet it's hard to consider anything that isn't able to withstand frigid wind gusts of up to 40 mph!
Strut your stuff!
Fortunately it looks like much of the country will be above 60 degrees by Easter Sunday. That means we can all finally trot out our new spring wardrobes. Soon the streets will be a candy colored sea of fashion! Hmm... are we sure that's a good idea?
Spring Fever
I can't tell you how many shivering souls I've seen on Easter Sunday. Unless it's sunny and truly warm, one should avoid dressing as if one were in the tropics. So please... grab a sweater on your way out!