Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You just can't avoid it...

I abhor bureaucracy.
Usually I play by the rules.
Ethel drilled that into me.
I have been known to push the boundaries.
It's just that I can't abide a process or system
that tells me what to do. I immediately rebel!
Maybe it's a guy thing.
Like most males,
I will simply put something together.
Only if I have a problem,
will I ever read the instruction manual.

Filling out forms is not only
officious, it's violating. Sadly
privacy is gone in today's world, except for the form you must sign that guarantees it! Many people avoid, resist, and rebel against bureaucracy.
I'm not the only one. 

Years ago I worked for a small
publisher run by a family of
well bred bibliophiles. Brother
Hugh was a total charmer and
therefore ran marketing. Every
evening he was out on the town
entertaining authors, critics, and
influencers. However, Hugh
never submitted 
a single expense.

Everybody in the office looked forward
to Hugh's year end ritual. A day or two
after Christmas, he could be seen in his
office furiously rifling through his wallet,
brief case, desk, and other hidden places.
The next morning, 2-3 Bonwit Teller
shopping bags, each filled with a years
worth of receipts, sat atop his secretary
Marge's desk. While she adored Hugh,
one doubts she loved sifting through
the debris, connecting the dots, and
raking in the cash.

My friends, Hugh's year end procrastination was actually an
act of rebellion. 
The system forced him to record and justify who, when, and why he entertained. Who needed "approval"? He was the host!

When I first met Frank, I was a mess. After I discovered boys, I became a bit distracted. During that period I "forgot" to file my income taxes. Subsequently, a few more years passed by in a similar manner.
Then the IRS found me.

My justification was that I had already lost so much through my divorce that Uncle Sam should cut me a break.
Frank quickly set me straight. 
There are two things you can't avoid - death and taxes. So, I shuffled through paperwork in dusty boxes, hired an accountant, paid the penalties,
and made good on my responsibilities.

A young couple from San Francisco embarked on a four month bicycle tour throughout South America. Initially they tweeted, e-mailed, and facebooked frequently. Their family lived vicariously through daily updates on their adventures down south.
A month ago it stopped.  
Their last message sent was about finally finding some boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.
Then.. utter and complete silence.
Freaked out their family
reported them missing.

Yesterday Peruvian officials reported they had found the couple. Apparently they were slowly heading up a jungle river in a small boat. Somewhere along the way they decided to stop it all, disconnect, and truly ESCAPE what held them down.
Can you blame them?

Man or woman, deep within
all of us lurks the spirit of
dare devils, rogues, 
hunters, seekers,

That deep inner voice
challenges the status quo.
So go ahead,
don't do something
you're really supposed to do.
Who knows?
You might just have some fun!