Monday, February 18, 2013


It's funny how little things can make a big difference.

Nothing separates the riff
from the raff than a simple
"Thank You".
After all, somebody took the time to do something special
for you. So why not take the time to draft and post a heartfelt message of gratitude in return?

In the old days this ritual
was requisite right of passage.

No matter 
who you were, 
you knew that you
must say "thanks".

Even Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor took the time to acknowledge a kind act. We'll never know if she really wanted to dine with "Joe". But we are certain she was grateful for his invitation.

You see, it matters 
how one says "thanks".  
The manner in which it is conveyed can be just as important. Wallis ordered her notes from Mrs. John L. Strong on Madison Avenue. Simple, yet special.
Don't worry, 
it doesn't have 
to be posh, 
just personal.

Can you imagine
Mr. von Fuelsdorff's
pleasure upon
receiving this missive?
He immediately knew
that Marilyn appreciated
and enjoyed his gift.

Danke schoen!

Maybe this gesture lies on the edge of extinction because
it can tiresome.
As a boy, Ethel terrorized me post significant events until I mailed my notes of gratitude. At the time I resented it. But later on, I learned that the gesture made people feel special.

How terribly sad.
Today it seems that a jotted "thank you" 
is rarer than an Hermes Sample Sale.

Fortunately, I am blessed to have 
family and friends who still practice this 
art of gratitude. Frank's parents and his
two sister-in-laws are particularly gifted 
in this arena. Among my friends, "A" 
instantaneously sends charming missives 
post any act of kindness. They always touch my heart. And for that I say...