Saturday, February 16, 2013


"Covering Central Montana Like The Stars"

Here in Lewistown, we are blessed to still have a local newspaper.
The News Argus is published twice a week.
As their motto above indicates, within The News Argus
one can get all of the "scoop" on Central Montana goings on.
Sometimes it can be quite entertaining. Other times infuriating.

The Police Blotter 
is one of my favorites. A day-by-day recap of Police goings on, the News Argus emphatically states that it
"does not represent the total 
 scope of police activity".
No names are listed, and...
"All persons are innocent 
 until proven guilty".

"An Empire Cafe employee
 called to request a 
 welfare check on an
 individual she usually sees
 several times a day.  
 She hadn't seen the
 individual in approximately
 two weeks. The individual
 was located and is doing well:
 they just didn't want 
 to go out in the cold."

"A person reported 
 a squirrel in a stove pipe.  
 A bird, not a squirrel 
 was removed from 
 the stove pipe."

"A report was filed 
 of a mini-van 
 pulling kids on sleds 
 with a rope behind 
 the vehicle 
 at Frank Day Park."

"The Probation Department
 reported they 
 "had a runner" 
 headed east on Janeaux.
 The runner was a male.
 Probation was able 
 to regain custody."

"A report was filed 
 of a suspicious person
 standing in front of 
 a location all morning 
 staring at the building.  
 The person was located. 
 She said she was waiting 
 for a ride to work.
 Everything was OK."

You see friends, often fact is more entertaining than fiction.
Especially in a small town.
However... it can also be quite scary. 

I don't read the Letters to The Editor.
A community soap box, it's dominated by a select group of extremists.
Occasionally somebody does write in on something important.
And then suddenly, something touches your heart.

Dear Editor,
My friend Karen, passed away -- her funeral was last Tuesday. I found out that the kitten I had given her after her mother and her son passed away was still in the house by itself.  I contacted the lawyer who was handling the estate and after I finally got hold of him, after three tries, we were able to go to the house to retrieve the kitten. Unfortunately we could not find her. We left food and water but the kitten needs a home. I am not getting any assistance from the attorney. 
Karen named the kitten Pretty Girl; 
she is black.  The question is,
where is Pretty Girl? I would appreciate any information. Please contact me through the News-Argus.

So... in closing dear readers, 
today's question is... 

"Where is Pretty Girl?"