Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How the west is won...

Billings, Montana - 1939 - Courtesy www.shorpy.com

The other day Frank and I
were having breakfast at
The Empire Cafe. As an
old cowboy passed by our
table, Frank said "Hello".
Next thing we knew, he
pulled up a chair and
we visited for 15 minutes.

Just a few weeks ago,
we bellied up to the bar
at The Mint. Seated next
to me was a rancher we
did not know. Several
minutes later, we were
chatting about crops,
weather, family, and his
recent cruise on the

In Lewistown
is so friendly.

Well... almost everybody...

Today I called a local business.
My query was for a service that
wasn't their standard offering.
Whoever answered the phone
was frankly, rude. Rather than
think outside the box, they
opted to brush me off. Irritated,
I asked that the owner call me.
Shortly there after he did
and we had an amicable chat.
The outcome being that they
will probably provide the
service I need and generate $$.

What happened 
to the wild west?

Sadly this is not the first time
I've been summarily told "no".
Like it or not, many locals are
myopic and stuck in a rut.
Their focus is solely on
surviving and not on thriving.
Rather than innovate they
prefer to take the safe route.
And if anyone challenges the
status quo, some people can
get downright ornery!

Dickson Homestead - Everson MT - 1912 - Courtesy Montana Memory Project - Lewistown Library

Lewistown Montana - 1912 - Courtesy Montana Memory Project - Lewistown Library
Where are our pioneers?

100 years ago, Lewistown was made up of risk takers ready to gamble against all odds. So, why have their descendants given up? In my opinion, economic forces have led them into complacency. Every year most have simply accepted a little bit less. And that's OK.

But all is not lost...

As often as I encounter
mediocrity and complacency,
I am equally blown away
by the hard working people
I meet everyday here
in Lewistown.

Since purchasing the money pit,
amazing people have done amazing things!

Kris Birdwell, ESQ 
turned paperwork around in one afternoon.

Realty Title 
completed our closing in three days.

Bella Cucina West
is creating a big city kitchen in rural Montana.

Weir's Appliances 
is ordering what we want at competitive prices.

Heartland Construction
has taken on any challenge and delivered!

John Valach & Son
is willing to drop everything and take down a chimney!

Local subcontractors 
ready to provide whatever we need, whenever.

All of the above are proof that
the true spirit of the west