Saturday, February 2, 2013

"I will follow you..."

I started writing this blog as purely a therapeutic exercise. Since then my family, friends, and former colleagues have been extremely supportive. I've received many notes, likes, comments,
e-mails, and on the way even acquired several followers!
I can't thank you enough for your support.

My son Charles having a zen moment...
I've written about the challenges 
and blessings of the simple life 
in rural Montana. Reminisced about my parents and their influence on my life. Preached sermons about one's commitment to community. 
But in reality, 
I continue to be a crazed control freak.

That's because hidden under my 
"zen" veneer is a marketer who
is consumed with the numbers.
Every day, hour by hour, I can
monitor broad data related to 
this blog. These factoids have no
context as there are no standards 
or goals to compare them to.
Yet... a drive deep within me 
wants them to be better.

The benefit of writing
this blog is simply 
the act of doing so.

That's the one fact that I know
is 100% on target. Beyond that,
I don't need nor want anything
more out of this lovely exercise.
So, why is Greg so driven?

After 30 plus years in the rat race, I've been conditioned to always "win". All of my life, my personal challenge has been keeping that internal drive within context.  Now that I've shifted gears, self-awareness becomes even more important.

You see, I can't change "me".

Like it or not I will always be driven by a need to succeed, excel, and lead. The question is what does that mean in the context of my life in a tiny town in rural Montana?

For now, the "money pit" is more than a diversion. 
The rebirth of 7,000 square feet will consume me for several months.  After that, what will motivate me to wake up every morning? Can I find the answer in Lewistown? Or will my inner monster awaken and push me back into the retail arena?

For now I plan to continue to write this blog everyday. And hope that you will continue to enjoy it. Oh... and... please sign up for e-mail... or follow me... or "like" me... or tell your friends about Montana Roue'!
You see?  Some
things never change!