Monday, February 4, 2013


Demo starts today.

And suddenly, all of our 
plans and dreams are
about to become reality. 
I can't tell you how excited 
we are! You see, every 
kitchen or bath we've 
lived in was "inherited".
Some old, others new, all
the vision of a prior owner, 
landlord, or developer.  

Over the years we lived with facilities of every vintage. Looking back,
I consider each of those very different kitchens and baths as laboratories.
In each, there was something to love and much to learn.
Following are just a few examples of the good, bad, and ugly.

As a boy, I loved the St Charles
Kitchens ads in Architectural Digest.
The top of the line in their day,
I've lived with two. The first was
installed in the early 60s. It was
a sea of high gloss, "canary" yellow.
The second was a sleek, simple, and white galley circa 1941.
BOTH were easy-to-use, functional,
and therefore well designed.

Be careful with color.

That same galley style kitchen
featured a magnificent Roper Range.
Built like a Buick, it had everything!
Two ovens.
Two broilers.
Six burners.
Forty years later it looked brand new
and was still cooking up a storm!
Over the years we've often had to live
with electric stoves. While there
certainly is an art of cooking with
this form of fuel, I've come to the
conclusion that...

Gas is the only way.

In Columbus we had the most fabulous master bathroom ever. A glorious configuration with steam shower, sunken tub, potty room, double sinks. There was nothing we did not love about the floor plan or accoutrements. However... it was all sheathed in teal and burgundy decorator aztec upholstery.

Less is more.   

Finally, we fell in love with our Dallas apartment in part because of it's dramatic ebony stained floors.
Years ago I also decided that I could not live without a black Kohler bathroom.
BOTH with nightmares because every speck of dirt and dust overshadowed their dramatic decorative impact. And each required endless touch ups.
So, unless you like pulling out your Swiffer every ten minutes...

Keep it light.