Wednesday, December 2, 2020


Unlucky seven
Yesterday our local health district published
updated Coronavirus numbers. Post a holiday
hiatus - the good news is that "active" cases
dropped from well over one hundred to only
thirty eight. Whereas the bad update was that
seven had died versus my last recollection of
only three. Plus thirteen hospitalized which
has to be a major hit on our local hospital. So
there we have it. Isolated, rural, and seemingly
untouchable Fergus County Montana has been
hit hard by the Coronavirus. Along with seven
of our friends and neighbors. Could this be just
the start of a long winter of our discontent?
Wishful thinking
While we've stayed close to home others have
been acting as if nothing was wrong. Leaving
me to wonder what it will take for all of us to
realize just how scary Coronavirus is. Sadly
some have to learn the hard way. Meaning that
many may have to fall ill or die before they'll
finally embrace reality. In the next two weeks
we'll find out how many locals stayed home
for Thanksgiving. My hope is they did just
that rather than risk exposure. Or did they pass
more than stuffing and cranberry sauce down
the table? Only time will tell. But honestly -
I'm worried. We may go from bad to worse.
Save the cowboy
As a vaccine lurks on the horizon, most of us
won't be eligible to get it for some time. Today
it was announced that medical personnel and
residents of long term care and assisted living
facilities are first on the list. Next it's likely
that those most vulnerable due to advanced age
or health issues will get shots. Ultimately those
healthy will probably be able to be vaccinated
by early summer. However knowing that rural
communities are often last on the list - there is
no panacea coming anytime soon. Therefore it's
time to act responsibly, keep our distance, and
do the right thing. Or end up fewer and wiser.