Friday, December 4, 2020


Sooner or later
Do you ever experience a day like no other?
One thats out of the ordinary because you're
out of sorts. For reasons beyond our control
we all experience the occasional "off" twenty
four hours. Try as we might nothing is right.
And so we bumble our way through the day
attempting to do as little harm as possible. 
Today was just that for me. Everything I did
was "off" in quite insignificant yet irritating
ways. For example I lost the cap to our olive
oil bottle. Post crawling on the kitchen floor
and emptying the trash- it was nowhere to
be found. Or was it hiding until tomorrow?
Now or never
Something tells me it will show up. That's
because even in the worst of times it all
seems to self correct. A readjustment that
not only sets things straight but restores
one's faith in life itself. Which is what is
going on in Washington D.C. Soon it will
be out with the old. Thus the biggest loser
and his cronies are doing all possible to
hold our attention (and votes) hostage. As
the rest of us avoid the inevitable - they're
inviting it to holiday soirees sans masks.
Dancing on their graves given next year
they'll be ghosts of administrations past. 
Lost and found
Hopefully the last four years will quickly
be considered a minor stain on America's
prior record. In essence little more than an
"off" time when we almost lost it. It's even
possible that said dark times may enable
us to see the light. Literal proof of what to
avoid in the future. However there are still
millions of Americans clinging to the dark
side. In the hope that deception, derision,
and deficits may rise again. Fortunately it
is doubtful such an error in judgement will
repeat itself. And hopefully we've learned
our lesson. Even those who won't admit it.