Wednesday, December 23, 2020


Beggars can't be choosers
In case you haven't noticed... this blogger has
not mentioned a certain person in some time.
Opting to ignore his frantic attempts to avoid
the inevitable. Rather than face reality our
President has been teetering on the edge of
what some might deem insanity. Surrounding
himself with a gaggle of outsiders, conspiracy
theorists, and blatant opportunists. Anyone
willing to say what he wants rather than tell
the truth. Suggesting he invoke martial law,
violate the constitution, or at best compromise
his jaded reputation. As America anticipates
a new start in 2021. It can't happen too soon
Better late than never
Scary but true - we have a now proven to be
mentally unstable man in the White House.
Not that I'm surprised. After all, I've been
trying to tell everyone that since before his
inauguration. Four years later, his time has
come to a shameful end. Not because of the
damage done by its policies, actions, or the
execution thereof. But rather because of the
man himself. A flawed megalomanic who
was never up to the job at hand. Who like
a wounded dog lashes out at anything that
stands in his way. So while I love saying
"I told you so" I truly wish it wasn't so...
Lost and found out
The gravity of this situation is made all
the worse by our loser in chief. Denial
has exposed him for who he truly is. Yet
imagine what might have happened if he
had won. Knowing what we know now -
why would we trust him with the safety 
and sanctity of our democracy? Let alone
condone, support, or laud the efforts of
his cronies to perpetuate his myths? His
promise to "make America great again"
was a ruse. Self-aggrandizement along
with power was his goal.  Fortunately
as usual... the truth has found him out.