Wednesday, December 16, 2020


Ready, set, no?
The tree is up. The house facade embellished
with greenery. And most if not all of my list is
checked off. The Chanukah candles are more
than half lit. Yet it doesn't feel like Christmas
is upon us. For reasons beyond our control we
are living in a state of suspended animation.
Most of us really don't know what to do. With
over three hundred thousand dead from Covid
19 we ought to stay at home. Even as in our
hearts we want to gather together. Meanwhile
some still worry about who will be our next
President. As others cling to conspiracies for
naught. Why can't we all just chill?
Hot shot
In theory this is the time of year when we
celebrate family, friends, and fidelity. Easier
said than done when doing so involves the
risk of infection. No wonder many lack any
semblance of holiday spirit. However one
might argue that we actually have more to
celebrate than in seasons past. Against all
odds Operation Warp Speed has facilitated
an unprecedented short vaccine rollout. As
our judicial system has proven facts usurp
rumor and innuendo. Meanwhile many of
us have actually grown closer during while
being Covid 19 cloistered.
Out of the box thinking
Having survived this pandemic as of now
is reason enough to celebrate. Along with
our newfound appreciation for all we once
took for granted. While 2020 has been an 
"annus horribilis" its trials and tribulations
have taught us much. First, that democracy
is stronger than ever. Second, that when
challenged science saves lives. Third, we
have found that staying close to home has
its rewards. Finally many now know that
even in the worst of times life is still worth
living. Affirming we can survive anything.
Even a subdued and stilted holiday season.