Wednesday, December 9, 2020


Negative influence
Some of you probably wish I would lighten up.
Be one of those who blithely post pictures of
food, dogs, or cute kids. Somehow I've become
a reclusive curmudgeon who only complains.
Hence one might assume that I don't appreciate
the little things in life. And that rather than see
the good I'm consumed with all that's wrong.
Which might be a fair recap of my blog's output
for the last few years. However in truth, I'm an
optimist. In that I try to always see the good in
all things and... people. Yet at times being able
to maintain a positive outlook is much easier
done then said. Hence I rarely write about it.
Good, better, best
Years ago a friend suggested that my faith in
mankind was for naught. If history teaches us
anything it's that she was probably correct.
Human nature tends to be a magic formula
for disappointment. However those who do
the wrong thing are in truth the exception to
the rule. In that most of us do our best. Along
with a few heroes who surpass expectations.
So why don't I focus on those who inspire?
I guess it's my need to define, discuss, and 
defuse other's negative influences. Hence
my often feeble attempts reset our course in
order to avoid what is naturally inevitable.
Sunrise, sunset
That said - once I get things off my chest -
i.e. written a blog - I move on to better things.
Which is the little things in life. Yesterday the
sunrise made me think pink. While the sunset
gave me a glow. As does my frequent video
chats with my granddaughter. Or a new video
of my grandsons in Chicago. And oddly, the
simplest tasks like polishing silver brightens
my outlook. Finally theres the joy of sharing
everything with the one whom I love. All of
that good proving that life isn't as bad as one
might think. So what am I complaining about? 
In reality nothing. I'm just sorting things out.