Wednesday, December 30, 2020


Near slighted
Twenty twenty (the year that is) has if nothing
else been illuminating. In that the many trials
and tribulations of the last annum have taught
us much. Our removal from the world at large
is more than solitary confinement. By its very
nature isolation drives introspection. Myopia
insures that one focuses on all that is close at
hand. The result being that we crave anything
that isn't near and dear. Hence most of us long
for those we can't  see, touch, or hug. Leaving
a gap in our lives, hearts, and communities.
One that I can't wait to fill in the coming new
year. 2021 can't happen soon enough.
Blest be the tie that binds
Fortunately there are many ways to bridge said
void. Post a last minute cancellation of a visit
to my youngest last fall - we stayed in constant
contact. Via text, email, phone, and video chats.
Hence while I've never met her second son - I
feel like I know him from afar. Having missed
my annual pilgrimage to Michigan to visit my
eldest and her family - one might assume we're
out of touch. However given we video chat five
to six times a day, we're closer than ever. The
same applies to dear friends with whom I chat
daily. Nothing stops us from sharing our lives.
Thus against all odds we are still connected.
Homeward bound
One of the things Frank and I miss the most is
New York City. It's tough when one's favorite
things are far from reach. That is until friends
and family reach out in love. Yesterday "S"
and "B" sent us lunch. As in the makings for
the perfect pastrami on rye shipped overnight
from Sarge's on Third Avenue. Upon finding
the box on our doorstep I began to sob. So
touched by their kindness I realized just how
much I miss them and "home." Fortunately
soon even this pandemic shall pass. And then
we'll be able to go back to where we belong.
And commune with those we know and love.