Monday, December 7, 2020


To each their own?
As the holidays loom most of us are left with
limited options. Either stay away from those
we love or risk infection with the Coronavirus.
Both end results being worst case scenarios.
The experts argue that it could be a life and
death situation. Whereas others claim that the
benefits of conviviality outweigh the liability
of exposure. Finally a few still claim we have
nothing to worry about given this is all a hoax.
Whatever one thinks - simply having to have
the conversation is disconcerting. But that's
life in these times of Covid 19. Why can't the
pandemic end and life will be "normal" again?
Cabin fever?
Obviously help is on the way. The question is
can we survive until then? Patience may be a
virtue. However everybody is sick and tired
of being isolated, wearing masks, and living
on the edge. Yet in times of crisis that is what
is required. Each of us must come to our own
conclusion. However all it takes is one error
in judgement. Recently we heard of an annual
hunting camp gathering. Where one naysayer
still attended post his wife's positive Covid 19
test result. Within days he was in the hospital
far from home. A week later all of his hunting
buddies were sick as dogs. Was it worth it?
Deferred engagement?
Can't we wait just a little bit longer? It's been
said sans pain there is no gain. Hence it seems
wise to defer or better yet avoid the inevitable.
Nobody wants to be far apart. Yet that might
be the best gift we could give each other this
holiday season. While considering that option
may make everyone involved uncomfortable -
it's important to discuss the risks and benefits
with those you love. In the end this too shall
pass. Let's hope we'll all be able to celebrate
the end of our Coronavirus crisis this summer.
So why not start planning for Christmas in
July? It just might be worth the wait...