Thursday, December 17, 2020


Every morning I stand in my kitchen. And ask
myself "what should I make for dinner?" Such
a query demands an answer. Especially given
I've yet to defrost something. Otherwise there
will be nothing on the table in time for supper.
Hence my daily period of protein purgatory.
A state of indecision where one opts between
chicken, beef, poultry, or seafood. Of course
I could run to the grocer to pick up something
fresh. Yet the thought of traveling to my least
favorite place in the world is ample motivation
to work with whatever sits in our deep freeze.
Anything rather than have to to hit those aisles!
Necessary evil
I can't explain why I hate grocery shopping. 
I love to cook. I love to shop. However I find
the complex procurement process required to
put something on the table beyond repugnant.
Thus I tread said aisles once a week at most.
Stocking up as if a nuclear holocaust was on
the horizon. Like an end-time "prepper" who
loads up on everything they need to survive
for a decade or more in some subterranean
hideaway. My only problem being that I like
things fresh. Thus I must haunt the produce
department at least every seven days. Hence
my weekly dose of a most necessary evil. 
Process of elimination
Before you suggest it - yes - I could order my
groceries on-line. Back in Manhattan many of
our neighbors had weekly deliveries arrive on
their doorstep from Fresh Direct. Decadently
indulgent given several markets sat within two
blocks of our building. But I can't even think
about anyone else picking my cremini. To be
honest I would miss my weekly check-in with
the ladies behind the fish and deli counters. So
like it or not I'll continue to check off my list
on a weekly basis. Along with still stand and
wonder what's for dinner day after day after
day. Or until we run out of menu options...