Saturday, December 5, 2020


Too much of a good thing?
Recently my significantly better half accused
me of "never being wrong". In my opinion a
rather unfair hypothesis. In that I have always
considered self-confidence an asset versus a
liability. Yet having strong opinions inevitably
incites rebellion. Assuming a strong stance is
based in arrogance rather than knowledge, 
experience, and the like. All of my children
claim I'm a "know it all". However those who
are willing to listen have actually found some
value to whatever advice I have shared. Thus
right or wrong - it's an impenetrable problem
when one's wisdom falls upon deaf ears.
Damned if you do or don't
Most abhor hearing, absorbing, and accepting
information we don't like. Therefore our biggest
challenge is finding ways to communicate just
that in a palatable manner. Nobody wants to be
told they're wrong. Especially by some know-
it-all who thinks they're always right. If we've
learned anything over the last four years it's
that many folks ignore the facts. Opting to live
in an alternate reality of their own making. And
if/when they are confronted by truth - choose to
reject it. Purposefully, Aggressively, And one
might argue ignorantly. Simply because it puts
them in the wrong.
The cure for what ails us
The plethora of conspiracy theories flooding
social media prove that fantasy has usurped
reality. Yet such a backlash is nothing but a
Pavlovian response to being shamed for the
error of our ways. Hence the greatest challenge
America faces is embracing palatable ways to
learn from our mistakes. How can our country's
leaders do just that? By carefully packaging
solutions to our problems in ways that insure
everyone wins. A delicate balance of fantasy
versus reality. Short term, feel good remedies
to major challenges. Remember "A spoonful
of sugar makes the medicine go down!"