Tuesday, December 29, 2020


Much to-do about nothing

We are often admonished to start the year off
right. Which leads many to dream boldly. In
the process assuming that this year we'll shed
pounds, organize closets, and do great things.
Sadly by early spring most if not all of said
resolutions are over and out. Which in theory
indicates that we learned nothing over the prior
twelve months. Instead we maintain the status
quo. However somehow I hope many of us are
approaching 2021 differently. If for no other
reason then that we've had enough of all of
this foolishness. It's time to wake up, alter our
course, and change America for the better.
For better or worse?
Recently the media has been an endless stream
of annual recaps. All of which in theory should
inspire introspection. However their end result
only remind us of just how crazy our world has
become. Affirming that our political situation is
the worst within my limited lifespan. And just
possibly EVER. While most blame the soon to
be former President - I beg to differ. You see
we're all responsible for the mess we're in. Our
only hope being that newly elected officials are
about to change America for the better. All as
the Coronavirus vaccine saves our lives. And
hopefully things go back to "normal".
A new day dawns
Soon we won't be able to blame anybody but
ourselves. Mr. Trump will exit the premises
and spread his mischief elsewhere. Mr. Biden
assumes control of a country in turmoil. As
we the people battle change, a deadly virus,
a challenging economy, and cabin fever. We
have to change for the better given we've no
where to go but up. It's time to tell the truth.
Face reality. And work together to plot our
course to redemption. Hence my new year's
resolution is to hope for the best. And thank
God that somehow... we survived until now.
And hopefully - 2021 will be our best ever.