Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Finding a way out of this mess

Few and far between
Weeks after the Presidential election America
lies in s state on suspended animation. Due to
all sorts of challenges splitting us politically,
physically, and emotionally. Some claim fraud
as others prepare for the inevitable. Others yell
hoax while the balance stay at home. Yet there
seems that we all share one thing in common.
Which is that we all want to move on, break
out, and get back to "normal". Our challenge
being the differences in how each of us views
just that. All has become fodder for argument.
No matter how insignificant or crucial any of
our difference may actually be.
Crack, snapple, and pop
The result being that the majority of us are
walking on eggshells. Unsure of just how
the other will react. Or worse - worried that
even the briefest contact could be infectious.
Ending with someone being hurt by either
disenfranchisement or Coronavirus. Hence
everybody is doing the limbo - neither here
nor there. Straddled between perception and
reality. Suspended between true and false.
Vivisected by differences in opinion. Add
an economy that is fading away due to our
lack of engagement. No wonder we're all
acting a bit squirrely. Our world is nuts.
Wait and see
Like anyone trapped our gut reaction is to
opt out. Whether that's running away, or
hiding under the covers, or jumping off a
cliff is up to the individual. However all
of the above will only make things worse.
Instead we need to be patient. Which is
easier said than done. In reality we've no
choice but to wait and see. No magic pill
will make this go away. Yet nothing so
important is ever easy. Hence we've much
work to do even in these challenging times.
To use this down time to figure out what
happened. And make sure it doesn't again.