Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Time to kiss off the holiday?

Not happening
I don't know about you but I can't get into the
holiday spirit this year. Now - before any of
you say it - I'll acknowledge that I'm a bit of
a scrooge. In that I really don't consider this
the "happiest season of all". In part because
simply checking off one's gift list can be all
consuming. Let alone decking one's halls. Or
sending out cards. Thus it seems that this year
more than ever I'm living in a state of denial. 
Somehow hoping that if I ignore reality - all
this too shall pass. So ready or not - December
twenty fifth will soon be upon us. Whether we
like it or not... ready or not... here it comes!
Sooner or later
Besides having to ship things early - this year
of isolated holiday cheer means theres less to
do. Thanks to kind family - we have a newly
cut tree ready and waiting. And meanwhile the
grand kids are already taken care of. Once my
daughter's checks are in the mail I can check
them off my list. Meanwhile a holiday roast
is in the freezer. Thus here and now we're all
set. And yet I'm anything but. Rather than ho-
ho-ho my head says no-no-no. Therefore it's
safe to assume that I'm suffering from some
sort of seasonal disorder. Maybe I'm allergic
to all holiday festivities, fuss, and frivolity. 
Better late than never
Hopefully I'll get into the spirit given this year
is really no different from the rest. Frank and
I will still put up the tree. Christmas morning
we'll FaceTime with the kids as we always do.
Santa is certain to make a late night delivery.
And by the twenty sixth, I'll be ready to move
on. Or maybe this year less will be more. And
we'll be able to celebrate all that we've been
blessed with. Sure we'll miss that big family
dinner and card games after. But at least we'll
have each other. Which is the greatest gift of
all. In the end Christmas 2020 will be nothing
but memory. May the holiday sprit be with me!