Friday, December 11, 2020


Elder abuse
As the death toll rises across this country the
naysayers are using every excuse to justify
their rebellion. Here in Fergus County some
argue the older the better. In that those old
enough to know better are viable sacrifices
to their mask less ""freedom. As if those
further along in years is not worth doing
the right thing. Rejecting common sense to
protect all involved. As one who earlier this
year lost a beloved relation - one just shy of
one hundred and two - I must beg to differ. 
Fortunately Dad left us before their reckless
rebellion probably would have killed him.
Shot in the dark
Then we have the anti-vaccine movement.
Once again there is safety in numbers. In
that when everybody gets said shot in the
arm - the majority avoid the inevitable. 
Sadly as in most things in life ignorance
is bliss. In that many are either too young
or ignorant to remember polio, small pox,
tuberculosis, and the like. History shows
us that before vaccines many died, were
paralyzed, or permanently scarred by said
illnesses. Now easily avoided as long as
everyone plays by the rules. The question
being will all join the Coronavirus battle?
All together now
Success is inevitably a group effort. One
which also involves taking a risk for the
good of mankind. Hence in order to stop
Covid 19 we all must do our part. Which
isn't as hard as some purport. As in most
things in life its the little things that count.
Hence we've no excuse for taking foolish
risks that endanger others. Thus wearing
a mask, keeping one's distance, and most
important - getting vaccinated is not just
a choice - but OUR duty. Honoring those
who are older, wiser, and very worthy of
our respect, care, and kindness. Just do it!