Monday, December 28, 2020


Triple threat?
As of now we've no idea. Apparently a loner
in Nashville loaded up his RV with explosives,
drove downtown, and blew himself up. All
on a quiet Christmas morn. Nor do we know
why a loser about to be out of a job refused to
sign into law a much needed pandemic relief
bill for millions of Americans. Hence it's no
wonder that we're a bit jittery. Exactly what
the hell is going on? Obviously 2020 cannot
end soon enough. The exiting administration
continues to paralyze Washington D.C. Thus
all we can do is hope that we survive the three
weeks left until Joe Biden's inauguration.
Odd men out?
Think about it. Many of us have never lived
in times like these. Whereas others have seen
much worse. Civilizations come and go. So
it's safe to assume that the odds are against
us. Apparently our problem is a plethora of
odd men out. Bitter, disenfranchised losers
who have no problem wreaking vengeance
on the rest of mankind. Which has to be why
one still meets the random mask less rebel in
the grocery store. Staring everyone down as
if daring you to say something. So they can
rant about their rights being trampled while
they purposefully endanger the lives of others.
Hole in one?
Obviously there is a big difference between
not social distancing and setting off a bomb
in downtown Nashville. Or endangering the
future of those who you swore to serve. But
is there? The worst of us actually share one
thing in common. A complete disregard for
their fellow man. Along with a skewed sense
of self worth that puts their wants and needs
above all others. Reason enough to designate
2020 the year of selfishness. The climax of
years of racism, hate, turmoil, and myopia.
Yet just when we think it can't get worse - it
does. Why is it always about them - not us?!