Tuesday, December 22, 2020


Anyplace but here
Experts advise that the risk of contracting the
Coronavirus is much worse sans wearing one's
mask. Hence dining with others isn't a healthy
choice. Which means eating a meal or sipping
a cocktail anyplace but home is risky at best.
All activities that under normal circumstances
I love to do. Thus the majority of us will sit
the holiday out rather than risk over exposure.
to Covid consequences. As with most things -
we all want what we can't have. Meaning that
I would like nothing more than to dine out. Or
if I'm honest - be any place but home. In part
because dining in means I'm the one cooking.
Risky business
Menu planning is challenging. As is cleaning
up the mess before, during, and after a meal.
Whining aside such problems are but nothing
compared to those of restaurants and eateries.
Suddenly their passion, focus, vocation, and
revenue stream have dried up. Leaving them
to wonder where their next meals are coming
from. Some places seem to be thriving. Here
in Lewistown a few joints still dish it out in
dining rooms. Whether that's working or not, 
I've no idea as we feel it's not worth the risk.
Those with a drive thru window seem to have
endless lines. As are those offering carry out.
Ready and waiting
At this point just about everyone is sick of
doing what's required to not to get sick. Are
you are as "over" cooking every night as
I am?! In times like these entrepreneurs are
finding ways to satisfy our appetites. Like
New York's Beatrice Inn.  They prepare a
unique comfort meal each night for pickup
or delivery. Plus most grocers now offer a
few heat and serve options. So just because
we're in lock down doesn't mean that you
are stuck in the kitchen. If you are totally
fried - explore the variety of healthy options
ready and waiting to make your life easier!