Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Sensory deprivation
Sometimes we need to get away from it all.
To escape, renew, and return better post a
respite from reality. For a week I did exactly
that. Traveling no further than Missoula. In
fact I spent most of that time at home. Yet
house guests, family functions, plus other
diversions enabled me to do I something out
of the ordinary. Which was neither watching
nor reading the news. Instead I focused on
my life's reality versus reality TV. Keeping
it real by enjoying the simpler things in life.
And oddly, for what had to be the first time in
ages, feeling positive about the world at large.
X-ray vision
Sadly, as with most pleasurable experiences
all good things must come to an end. Now
that our houseguests have exited, I'm once
again free to flip the switch and watch TV.
Post tuning in it's remarkable how little to
nothing changed during the ten days I was
disconnected. President Trump continues to
defy preconceptions of Presidential behavior.
His days and nights spent tweeting a blur of
delusional lies. Therefore as I ignored all of
the mania - Washington's poisoning of our
democracy went on unchecked. It's still us
against them, blue versus red, good or evil.
Spin cycle
All of which proves that we have little control
over anything but ourselves. So why fight the
inevitable? Is there a valid reason for joining
in such a collective exercise in futility? While
it may seem foolhardy at best, I'm happy to be
back in the media mix. Better to be informed
then poorly prepared for what might happen.
Political churn aside, life is and always will be
an evolutionary process. Hence while it may
seem as if nothing seems to change, subtle yet
incremental shifts insure that the world as we
know it is temporal at best. Thus like it or not,
life goes on and on and on. Until it's over...
Full circle
While I enjoyed my time away, it's time to get
back on the merry-go-round. Knowing all too
well that while we orbit there will be ups and
downs. Yet in the end we'll come full circle a
bit older and wiser. Donald J. Trump is but a
temporary diversion. Ultimately we'll look back
at his four years with sardonic chagrin. Happy
that it's over and that Donald is out. But will
we be all the better for it? In hindsight will we
learn our lesson as we clean up all that Trump
has wrought? Will that knowledge insure that
we value freedom, liberty, and justice more
than ever? Or get on with it? And start anew!