Wednesday, July 24, 2019


How firm a foundation
This morning America waits for a shoe to drop.
Mr. Mueller's perfectly polished and practical
Church's oxford that is. I've always wondered
what said phrase meant. Is there anticipation in
the impending downward fall of one's cast off
footwear? For most of us, probably not. Yet for
this former fashionista, there is nothing quite as
thrilling as the perfect shoe. One that speaks to
you in mysterious ways. And even if it isn't the
most comfortable vehicle for getting one from
here to there - always takes your to a magical
place. A one size fits all destination of elegance,
elan, and panache. So if the shoe fits, wear it!
Bottoms up
Selecting the perfect shoe insures that one puts
their best foot forward. In Manhattan many a
man has gotten his foot in some door via a pair
of great shoes. Back in my agency days I was
told many times that I got the business because
of my footwear.  Not only does the right shoe
make one's ensemble, it telepathically tells the
world who you are. Thus while men consider
their competition from the top down, women
size each other from the bottom up. A shoe's
brand, style, hue, and height send a plethora
of messages. Hence to establish a foothold in
this world, why not let your feet do the talking?
Heart and sole
As Carrie Bradshaw once suggested, finding
the perfect shoe is akin to love at first sight.
Hence the shoe salons at Barney's, Bergdorf's,
or Saks are for many the legal equivalent of
a crack house. Seasons come and trends go
however footwear classics live on for decades.
Hence while the idea of spending a thousand
bucks on a pair of Manolo Blahnik's seems
steep, it's a wise investment. Assuming you
take good  care of them, they'll still be just
as fabulous years from now. And the further
you wear them, the better the shoe will fit.
Reason enough to buy a new pair today and...
Foot loose and fancy free
As with most things in life, it's all about where
one sets foot. In central Montana practicality
rules. Given we spend about two thirds of the
year under weather, one's footwear is akin to
survival gear. Which means that it's rare that
one sees a lady strutting her stuff downtown.
Instead she's wearing whatever shoe insures
that she doesn't slip on the ice. Hence most of
my shoes are ill suited for my surroundings.
However that doesn't stop me. Better to lose
a fabulous Gucci loafer in some snow drift
then to ever compromise. Therefore I plan to
continue to trod the road less taken in style.