Monday, July 1, 2019

Here today, gone tomorrow

Wake up call
One day we're here. The next were gone. We
spent this past weekend with Frank's family
remembering his Aunt. It was a celebration
of a long and happy life. Yet one couldn't help
but think of how quickly is was over. One day
she was graduating from college, was married,
had kids, and built a life. The next she retired,
winded down, and faded away. Fortunately for
all involved she did so with charm, humor, and
inspiration. Leaving the rest of us to do exactly
the same as the next generation of "old folks."
Reinforcing that life is an endless cycle. Or in
truth, a endless stream of recycling.
Hide or seek?
I realize that the subject of one's impending
mortality isn't welcome by all. However part
of growing up is accepting the reality that
ultimately our time here is short. Thus we
must make the most of what we've got. And
hopefully have a lasting impact on those we
leave behind. A responsibility that's rather
hard to keep in mind as we're going through
the motions of life itself. While it's highly
doubtful that cleaning one's toilet is noble,
it's a necessary evil. The question is what
do we accomplish beyond basic survival
tactics? What legacy do we invest in now?
Lost and found
The majority of us leave a lasting impression on
those we've known and loved. Our children and
their offspring carry memories (both good and
bad) of each of us t their graves. Yet from then
on, it's amazing how quickly we forget. Just visit
your local cemetery. Stand before a sea of stones.
Then realize that the majority of those named
and dated over fifty years ago no longer matter.
They came, they lived, and they died. And few
if any know much about who they were, whom
they loved, and what they were all about. Proof
that time marches on. And in the end we end
up as nothing but dust. And totally forgotten.
Now or never
All of which is motivation to take advantage of
our here and now. Given the clock is ticking, it's
better to maximize the little time we have left.
How you live our life is up to you. Hence it's all
the more important to decide what you're going
to do here and now. Rather than wait and see.
Before you know it, you won't be able to do
much of anything. That is beyond filling your
days (and Depends) with worthless shit. So
seize the moment. Make a difference. Fulfill
your (and others) dreams. Invest in the future
by being the best you can be here and NOW.
Remember you're here today, gone tomorrow.