Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Ever been happier?
There are times when the world stands still.
Moments when for all sorts of reasons we
suddenly realize just how blessed we are.
Inevitably what inspires such reflection is
the simplest of phenomena. The way the sun
filters through a window onto the floor. The
sound of a breeze in the tree branches. Or
watching the one you love from afar. Such
capricious indulgences are fleeting at best.
And hence should be treasured, savored, and
appreciated. Life's good and bad times occur
beyond our realm of influence. Thus our only
option is to go with the flow. Here and now.
Could it get any worse?
In hindsight some of the hardest times in life
are ultimately the best. In part because most
of us do amazing things when backed into a
corner. Facing challenges head on pushes us
to explore alternatives. And to change for the
better. And often embrace our reality rather
than live in a fantasy. Hence while beyond
frustrating, demoralizing, and overwhelming,
we are best at our worst. Which is why I am
cautiously optimistic about the future of our
United States of America. It may seem that
we've hit rock bottom, but such a low point
can be our launching pad to greatness.
Why is it so hard?
I don't care which side of the political fence
you're on. Ideology aside, the majority of we
the people are decent. While some will do
anything to win, most of us simply want to
live as we choose. Which is what being an
American is all about. Whatever race, creed,
or economic strata you fall within. Somehow
we allow forces beyond our control to define
our destiny. To yank our collective chains.
When in truth few if any of us have an axe
to grind. Sure we'd like to earn more and pay
less. However that isn't reality. Even if some
claim they will make it happen. Yet never do.
Could it be any easier?
Ultimately we all have the answer. Deep down
we know what makes us happy. And what defers
us from reaching our personal nirvana. Life is
all about choices, good and bad. Rarely are the
demons that haunt us not purposefully invited
into our sphere of influence. Thus each us is
personally responsible for whatever comes our
way. Or in how we choose to react to just that.
The fact is we are in control. Hence each of us
has a choice between good and evil. A decision
that will never be more important than in the
fall of 2020. We have the answer. It's time that
we made a choice that's best for ALL of us.