Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Early Bird Special
I've been an early riser for most
of my life. It's quite wonderful
to be amongst the few people
awake. The silence, solitude,
and serenity are quite amazing.
I find my earliest hours are my
most productive and therefore
beyond satisfying. It's heaven!
Sunrise Express
Many of my friends are early
birds. They know that I may
respond to an e-mail or text
before 7 a.m. And that a quick
"can you talk?" query initiates
a hushed call. The earlier the
better to get the best of me.
Scrambled lightly
I must admit that I'm not in full
form before dawn. It all depends
on what I ate or drank the prior
evening. Fortunately some java
quickly brings clarity (with an
Advil chaser). After I consume
a pot of coffee I'm functioning,
And ready for the daily grind.
Over Easy
After twenty four years I know
that yin and yang are the key to
a successful relationship. My
better half starts his day at few
hours later than I do. That time
gap is all mine. And on the rare
occasion that he arises earlier
than usual, he knows it's better
and stays out of my "space."
Wake Up Call
Most important, I use these wee
hours to write this blog. That's
when my head is clear, my heart
open, and the words just seem to
flow. Therefore I can't think of
anything better than starting my
day off with my dear followers!