Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Hot and bothered
I have to admit that I'm more than bothered.
Or if I'm really honest, I must confess I'm
pissed. Or if you prefer, angry, bereft, mad,
frustrated, devastated, and so much more.
Somehow I've become the victim. A worn
out, exhausted, tired, and hence completely
useless individual. The result of the endless
antics of our President and his cohorts. It
would be so easy to give up. Much better to
distance myself from all that is going on...
and on... and on. To ignore or forget the
shameful and often criminal behavior. Or
to simply acquiesce and accept this mess.
Life's a beach
Did you ever dream of running away as a kid?
That's exactly what many Americans do post
the end of the school year. Suddenly our focus
shifts. From reality to escapism. Hence for the
next few months many of us will be anyplace
but home. Some will roll across the range in
their RVs. Others in the woods at their cabins.
And a few will be ensconced in a Hampton
hideaway. Or that ultimate summer fairyland,
Fire Island. Wherever you choose to get away
my hope is that you'll use the next months to
regain your energy, commitment, and resolve.
Given that this fall you've got a big job to do...
Hot mess
No matter what side of the political fence one
falls on, we're all over it. Good reason to use
this time between Memorial and Labor days to
clear our heads. To rethink what our next steps
will be. And to accept that doing nothing...
will have longterm ramifications for several
generations ahead. That's because once you
return from your summer sojourn you must do
more than simply get back to work. Your new
challenge this coming fall will be to prepare
for 2020. To sift through the current President's
debris trail of lies and deception. And identify
a viable alternative. Before it's too late.
The sun also rises
So please, enjoy your moment in the sun. Even
as our future grows grim. Take a dip in the pool
before we drown in a lurid morass of derision,
devision, and hate. Throw a couple of burgers
on the grill knowing that all too soon we may
be burning in our own hell. Whatever you do,
as an American never forget that along with
freedom and equality comes responsibility. We
each can change the course of this democratic
republic. Theres still time to make a difference.
And believe it or not, every vote counts. All too
soon summer will end. And the winter of our
discontent will begin. Enjoy it while it lasts...