Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Here we go again
Last night President Trump formally initiated
his re-election campaign at a massive rally in
Orlando Florida. Besieged by rumors that he's
lagging behind his blue competitors he strutted
the stage like the cock (rooster) he is. Spouting
lies while he verbally assaulted his foes. Which
sadly was just about everybody who was NOT
with him at the Amway Center. Meanwhile 20
Democratic candidates will strut their stuff on
NBC for two consecutive nights (June 27th and
28th) in their first debate. Thus like it or not, the
2020 Presidential race is officially beginning.
Only 503 days to go! But can we survive it?!
Repeat performance
Obviously this isn't going to be pretty. The man
currently in the hot seat is contentious at best.
Along with delusional. Unwilling to consider
that he might lose, Mr. Trump is launching into
his repeat performance with a vengeance. Thus
anyone in his way is a potential target. And as
with any major disaster, all within it's radius
will be equally traumatized. Some say that he
will handily win re-election. That another four
years is a fait accompli. Others are ready to do
whatever it takes to insure that doesn't happen.
Knowing that even if he loses, Donald will not
exit gracefully. Even with a swift kick in the...
Split decision
How did we get here? First because too many
considered our current President the lesser of
two evils. Whether that jaded perspective was
fueled by Russian propaganda is still up for
debate. However there is not doubt that Mr.
Trump was at best a compromise. Add what
he has and hasn't done since assuming office -
including violating almost every moral and
ethical boundary. Meaning that chances are
he'll pull out every stop in an effort to retain
his spot in the oval office. The question being
do a majority of Americans have the patience
to put up with Mr. Trump for four more years?
The choice is yours
I don't know about you, but to anybody who
reads this blog it's quite obvious what my
not so hidden agenda is. To be clear, the last
thing I want is for Donald Trump to be re-
elected. Not because he's a pompous prig.
Nor due to the fact that he's a megalomaniac.
But rather my desire is driven by a need to
protect our democracy. Somehow up to now
we've escaped disaster. However not willing
to push our collective luck I'm committed to
doing whatever is necessary to elect anybody
but him. Hence we're back where we were in
2016. It's all up to you. Who will you choose?