Saturday, June 29, 2019


Seeing is believing
Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder. Yet
often the end result only proves that many of
us are blind at best. What do you see when you
gaze in to the mirror? A vestige of things past?
Or the sad fact that time marches on. When it
comes to beauty, many of us are stuck in a rut.
Long ago somebody or something took us to a
better place. And since said revelation, many
never move on. Instead we continue to hold
onto a look or style that is archaic at best. Be
that blue eye shadow, Farrah Fawcett wisps,
or dark lip liner. Why can't they see what we
see? Or evolve with fashion like the rest of us?
Easy does it
Far away from it all it can be easy to fall out of
style. Here in rural Montana many local ladies
tend to be more practical rather than fashionable.
Balancing a herd of cows plus fields of grain
doesn't allow time for personal maintenance.
Hence many locals go with rote. Something that
they know works and doesn't require additional
time or effort. All of which may seem to make
sense. However the easy way out isn't necessarily
the best way to face the world. The question is
how can one orchestrate a makeover in a place
where trends tend to arrive several years post
peak? How can Lewistown possibly keep up?
New and improved
Fortunately for all country bumpkins there is
this miraculous thing that's called the internet.
Providing instant access to the latest fashion
news, trends, and styles. That along with TV,
magazines, and other media insure that one
has no excuse for being out of sync with hip.
All that's required is a willingness to live and
learn. To evolve, transform, and dazzle. Which
is why most if not all of us would benefit from
a makeover. However chances are that some
rabid fashionista isn't likely to grab you off
Main Street for a makeover. Thus it's up to
us to figure out how to change for the better.
Granny doesn't live here anymore
At some point we've all had a hair cut which
transformed us - wowing everybody. So much
so that they told us. The problem is that few
are brave enough to tell us when we look bad.
At some point we all become passe'. Rather
than be a walking time bomb, each of us must
occasionally update.While fashion trends may
come back, they won't look the same on you.
Thus if you can remember never wear it again.
You may be fabulous inside, but it's probably
time to push the refresh button. Given the best
is yet to come, why not move on? If you're old
old enough to know better - LOOK BETTER!