Monday, June 3, 2019


Spring on the wing
I realize that to many this missive is a month
late. Or to my fellow Manhattanites more than
that. However spring has finally arrived here
in mid Montana. Our Canadian Chokecherry
trees are abloom exactly thirty days later than
usual. And much like the swallows returning
to Capistrano, our snow birds are back from
warmer climes in full force. For me one of the
highlights of the season is the flowering of our
century old horse chestnut. However while I
love the yellow blossoms, I adore little more
than sitting under it and listening to the hum
of thousands of bees gathering pollen above.
Up and Adam
Much like bears and other wild creatures, we
Montanans come out of hibernation once the
thermometer creeps above forty. And frankly
we've got a lot to do. This past BRUTAL
winter was not kind to many of our plants or
shrubs. Especially evergreens. Thus with our
delayed kickoff, many gardeners are still in
a state of wait and see. Wondering whether
the Lazarus effect will awaken what appears
to be dead wood. Meanwhile, an overdose of
seed pods from our ash trees has kept us busy.
Covering our garden beds in a carpet of green
nuisances. Leaving us to ask what the pluck?
Better late than never
This late bloom means it's catch up time for
all of us. Along with washing windows and
other forms of spring cleaning there is much
to celebrate. Hence I'm preparing a birthday
dinner for Tuesday night. Fortunately I plan
to keep things simple. Hence while I hope the
food will be more than comforting, I am not
going to make myself crazy. In part because
if I'm honest, I'm already exhausted. The past
week has confirmed that there simply aren't
enough hours in the day. Even if it's lasting
longer than the rest of the year. Thus making
hay while the sun shines is all consuming.
Blue skies ahead
Spring is a time of renewal. Therefore even in
my rather compromised state, I'm trying to see
things from a new perspective. It's times like
these when I wonder why we would ever want
to be any place but here. One can easily be an
optimist when everything suddenly bursts into
bloom. Allowing us to open our hearts, minds,
and windows to a breath of fresh air. Hence
while I may be tired and worn down, I'm still
curiously optimistic. Looking forward to all
that is to come in the next few months. As of
now all that was old... is new. And even with
smoke from Canada, the future is BRIGHT!