Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Half baked ideas
This year I'm off the hook. Sister-in-law "S"
is cooking Thanksgiving dinner. A gift that
in my opinion is priceless and something to
be very thankful for! While in my opinion
preparing a turkey dinner is amongst the
easier of feasts - it's still a hassle. However
I'm not totally escaping responsibility. This
year I'm making the pies plus a cake. And
given I don't really love baking, doing so is
proof that I love our hostess more than she
knows. After all it's the least I can do. And
all too soon it will be over which we'll be
quite grateful. Another notch in life's belt.
Old enough to know better
How did I get so jaded? In days of yore I loved
the idea of a family gathering. Looking forward
to all of the pomp and circumstance. When did
I get so old that I can no longer find pleasure in
the preparation alone? At some time between
youth and getting old I became a curmudgeon.
One who would much rather stay at home and
take a nap rather than indulge in anything not
expected. Is this because I've been there, done
that? Or due to an advanced state of exhaustion?
Sadly I think it's simply that I've become set in
my ways. Hence I am what I am. A somewhat
savvy couch potato. Who should know better.
Ready for anything
The problem is that I'm really not as old as I
feel. Therefore life still has quite a bit to offer.
My only challenge being an unwillingness to
push my personal envelope. To stretch my
boundaries to places I've never been before.
The truth be told I'm perfectly happy staying
exactly where I am. Doing exactly what is
expected of me. Thus I'm perfectly willing to
embrace the status quo and happily live in a
state of perpetual suspended animation. Does
the above make me a faded vestige of the man
I once was? Or a perfect example of some one
who finally is perfectly happy in his own skin?
Sights unseen
The fact is I've got plenty to be excited about.
Our business is humming along at a nice pace.
My better half still satisfies my every need.
My children (those speaking to me) are happy,
healthy, and amazing people. While late in the
game, we're planning a holiday escape to a far
off land that's sure to be fascinating. Insuring
that we won't have to put up the tree nor cook
our goose. So in reality all is quite right in my
world. Minor distractions aside, there's little to
worry about. And if that wasn't enough reason
to be thankful, all is good and it's certain to get
better! Thankfully at times wishes come true!