Friday, November 23, 2018


Oil & vinegar
I don't know about you but I hate when Frank
is right. Why is it that he consistently ends up
on the right side of the argument? Obviously
he must be wiser given he's so much older. Or
could it be that he's actually much smarter and
savvy than his posturing partner. Inevitably
whenever I take a stance on an issue I'm sure
to be proven wrong in some way or the other.
And while my significant other doesn't "rub it
in", it's obvious he's pleased with the outcome.
As well he should be. After all he is the yin to
my yang, the sweet to my sour, Doctor Jekyll
to Mr. Hyde. Mr. Right to my... Mr. Wrong
Green machine
The arena where Frank has always led is food.
However my acquiescence evolved over years
of in-depth training. Twenty years ago post our
initial encounter Frank exposed me to organic,
natural, and healthy eating. Beyond enamored
I fervently followed his lead. And like Hansel
ate whatever nuts and berries he threw my way.
Sometimes it was tough. Meaning that many a
macrobiotic moment, I used my "alone time"
to my advantage. Thus I secretly might have a
steak and martini at lunch. After all every man
has a right to insure survival against all odds!
Even if that means a stealth trip to McDonald's!
Easier said than done
When it comes to cookery, my beloved often
opts to do it the hard way. And while I'm the
last to prepare any prepared foods, I will be
the first to jump on a healthy short cut. Hence
for years I bagged pre-washed lettuce and all
related roughage. MUCH to Frank's chagrin.
Long before any E. coli scares - he tried his
best to terrify me with tales of microscopic
vermin. All lying in wait to attack our guts
out. Thus given the chance, he rewashed the
pre-washed several times more. The very act
of which I considered a waste of time. Then
came the sudden fall of the romaine empire.
Toss up
After the first romaine E.coli scare I should have
learned my lesson. Ages ago I did reject the pre-
washed varieties. Instead I diligently washed,
rinsed, and dried our greens. Totally non GMO
organic greens that is. Yet even after a scare or
two I simply couldn't give up romaine. So I did
my best to rinse off any poo-poo and protect us
against an intestinal onslaught. And so far... so
good. Why tempt fate? When the government
again warned against ingesting romaine before
the holiday, I finally gave up. So I cleaned out
the fridge and threw a pricey mound of green
stuff away. Better safe than sorry! Or dead...
Balancing act
So once again, Frank rules supreme. Which in
a way is fine with me. After all he balances me.
Providing a more than grounding force for the
both of us. My hope is that I equally offer us
a positive counterpoint to his cautious approach.
Ultimately we both get our way. Which is to
insure that the two of us co-exist in a happy,
healthy manner. And isn't that what marriage
is all about? The joining of two people into
one well oiled machine? While more than trite,
experience shows that we two are better than
one. Even if there are times when one wants
to kill the other. In the end it's still a toss up!