Monday, November 5, 2018


All or nothing at all
I don't know about you but I'm rather excited.
Not because I assume some blue tsunami is
about to consume much of America. Nor am
I under the delusion that everybody I know is
some Trump zealot waiting to take my rights
away. Rather what thrills me is the fact that
if what I'm hearing is right - many Americans
are re-engaging in our Democratic process.
Or better yet, many who haven't voted before
are making sure we hear their voices for the
first time. So even as some attempt to scare,
manipulate, or threaten others, the American
way is once again ALL INCLUSIVE.
Split decisions
You don't have to agree with me. However it's
not enough to have an informed opinion. You
have to stand behind what you believe and act
upon it. The majority of Americans are decent
sorts. Diverse, varied, busy, and opinionated.
Which is why the American way is if nothing
else all about the whole and not parts. Our two
party system purposefully splits us in two. Yet
the beauty of a fully functioning democracy is
when both halves meet in the middle. Creating
a whole. Where we get messed up is when it
becomes about one or the other. Rather than
an amalgam that combines into one VISION.
No strings attached
The good news is we will never all agree. Nor
should we. The bad news is that some would
have us think that their way is the ONLY way.
Which is why your vote tomorrow vote is so
important. If America needs anything, it's a
referendum against LIES and DECEPTION.
And before you assume anything dear readers...
please know that said issue applies to all sides
of the equation. For all too long we've allowed
hucksters to manipulate us to their advantage.
However if we've learned anything from that
mess it's that subterfuge benefits NOBODY.
Thus it all ends with our active engagement.
Fantasy versus reality
Per the experts our economy is "booming." Yet
if one drills down you'll find a different reality.
The rich are richer while the poor are working
harder than ever just to keep their heads above
water. Which is why CANDOR and TRUTH
are the keys to driving COLLECTIVE success.
Each side has to expose the other's weaknesses
in order for the entirety of America to become
stronger. Thus a HEALTHY dialogue benefits
ALL. Whereas poisonous attacks weaken our
collective resolve. And the only way to change
that negative force is to vote with our hearts!
And support people who we truly believe in.
It's all about you
It's really easy. Our political process forces
us to choose one or the other (or another at
some times). Invariably we have issues with
both sides. However the mistake some make
is deciding character doesn't matter. That a
seriously flawed individual who aligns with
one form of ideology is better than a well
intentioned individual who thinks differently.
A criminal is a criminal even if their crimes
facilitate one political platform over another.
Which is why each of us must focus on the
person themselves. That's because they will
be representing us. Our interests not theirs.
All for one, one for all
The future is OURS. Which is why voting is
so important. Together we are stronger. All
of our disparate priorities can meld together
into something that makes America all the
greater. I believe in each and everyone of us.
And while we may not agree on everything,
our differences should bring us together not
apart. So please vote tomorrow. Not for me.
Not for some candidate. Not for some hidden
agenda. But for yourself. By participating you
make these United States of America a better
place. Tomorrow isn't the end - it's only the