Friday, November 30, 2018


Lost in space
It's rare that I miss New York. However there is
one element of city living that I long for. Which
is spontaneity. Even with all of the many hassles
of urban life it's damned convenient. Inevitably
within steps is something amazing. The latest or
most unexpected. Or the beloved, tried, and true.
Thus occasionally I crave an element of surprise
beyond the great outdoors here in Montana. And
that's when I wish I could walk down the block,
hop into a cab, or take the subway to see or do
something new. As Diana Vreeland once said,
"the eye has to travel." And around this time of
the year mine need to spy some INSPIRATION.
Just around the corner
We rarely appreciate what we have. Living a
block from Bergdorf Goodman was a luxury
we took for granted. What I wouldn't give to
see their newest holiday windows. This year
their theme is "Bergdorf Goodies" hence they
provide more than simple sugar plum visions.
However looking at them from afar isn't the
same as catching a random glimpse from the
corner of one's eye on a daily basis. But all
is not lost. Thanks to modern technology we
all can click on the following blue links to see 
Bergdorf's, Barneys, SaksMacy'sand
soon to be gone Lord & Taylor windows.
Friends & neighbors
For as long as I can remember the Metropolitan
Museum of Art has erected this amazing Italian
creche Christmas Tree in Medieval Hall. Said
magnificent work of art is truly a tour de force.
Yet what I miss even more is being able to pop
by and visit old friends while there. Like John
Singer Sargent's - The Wyndham Sisters. Or
J.H.Twachtman's Arques-la-Bataille. Every
once in awhile even I need a wake up call, that
is when I view Marc Rothko's Number 13.
Or pause to reflect in my favorite oval oasis
originally in Bordeaux's Hotel Cours d'Albret.
And somehow always what's old is... NEW.
Chips off the old block
If I'm honest, I am haunted by former haunts.
Hence not a night goes by that I don't wish
I could pop into Donohue's for a steak. Or
grab a late breakfast at the Neue Gallery's
Cafe Sabarsky. And what I wouldn't give
to be able to have a late Sunday brunch at
The Mark. Or bitter melon with beef from
Chinatown's cash only Cafe Hong Kong.
Nowadays if we want to go raw we must
drive two hours, take two flights, and be
in transit for at least nine hours before we
can hit Sushi Gari. A gentle reminder that
we must savor the here and now.... NOW.
Home sweet home
Many of the places I dream of going back to are
long gone. Usurped by modern replacements
that will hopefully now create equally magical
memories for future generations. One of the
key elements in my past perfect are those who
I loved and lost. Hence even if I could go back
to Rumpelmayers it wouldn't be the same sans
my parents. Thus fantasies aside, we must count
our blessings while we may. Therefore instead
of dreaming of times past - I'm going to do my
best this holiday to create new memories here
and now. After all, tomorrow is another day.
And all we'll have left will live in our hearts.