Wednesday, November 28, 2018

There's going to be HELL to pay...

A devil of a time
Now that most of us have finished off the last
bits of turkey it's time to move on. Christmas
is less than a month away. Yet this initial week
before December's start is in essence a respite.
A time to regroup and refocus prior to being
consumed with mania. Most literally "chill"
as we do the guest room laundry and put the
roasting pan back into storage. However some
this week have had no choice but to face reality.
As is the case with our soon to be "X" political
leaders in Washington. Rather than packing up
their offices, many of the recently defeated are
trying to pack in their last sucker punch.

Waiting game
There is nothing worse than a sore loser. Most
especially when post defeat they've got little
to lose. While a newly elected blue wave waits
in the wings, their red predecessors are going
out with a bang. Hence before they hand over
control in January - they're attempting to settle
what they see as unresolved scores. All while
their Commander In Chief's ruse of alternative
facts crumbles at their feet. Yet rather than try
to address the root of all evil, they continue to
ignore the obvious. An act not only disturbing
but firmly confirms that their constituents were
right to summarily vote (throw) them out.

From bad to worse
Some may reject the facts yet they can't be
ignored. After lining their pockets via Mr.
Trump's tax revisions - General Motors is
laying off fourteen thousand employees -
and closing five plants. Meanwhile the
Trump administration's attempts to stem a
tide of freedom seekers along our southern
border has resulted in children being torn
away from their families or tear gassed or
both. All while our President ignores the
crimes of a Saudi King and Vladimir Putin.
Leaving many to wonder - when is this all
going to end. And how can we stop it?

Help is on the way
The recent election proved that many Americans
are unhappy with our current state of affairs. And
should our President and cohorts opt to continue
their shenanigans, the U.S. electorate's disdain
will only increase by 2020. Thus in essence we're
all waiting for some major shoe to drop. Be that
the patter of baby blue congressional ingenues or
another round of indictments from Mr. Mueller's
"witch hunt." One thing is certain which is that
what goes around comes around. Come January
I'm confident it will return with a vengeance. So
enjoy this season, HELL is on the horizon. And
all I can do is hope we come out of it stronger!