Friday, November 9, 2018


Shake, rattle, and roll
Lately it seems that I've been in a frenzy. Why
are there days when everything seems to go
wrong and DOES? Do you understand what
I'm talking about?! Times when you simply
cannot gain control over anything let alone
something that is truly important. Engulfed
in what can only be considered a mess, most
of us spend much of our energy on surviving.
Yesterday was one of those days. Twenty four
hours of sheer unadulterated TORTURE. The
majority of which was spent solely trying to
keep my head above the morass. Or drowning
in a sodden sea of my own tears. Poor me...

Repeat offender
I won't bother you with all that went wrong. Let
me assure you all that nothing truly cataclysmic
exploded within my sphere of influence. Rather
my best laid plans came to no good. Leaving my
posh upper east side customers irritated. While
my support staff sat double parked on a corner
in Harlem. Nobody could figure out the Rubik's
cube before them. Nor apparently cooperate in
solving said puzzle. All occurring far away as
I ineffectively attempted to solve the problem
from my computer in rural Montana. Oh... and
did I mention that all of this happening while
we got four inches of snow here in Montana?

Pop goes the weasel
Layer upon layer. Issue after issue. Person to
person. Everything and everyone was against
me. Making it easy to be a victim rather than
rise against the onslaught. However by days
end it was over and all was solved (sort of.)
The good news in all of this being that I didn't
watch nor listen to the news all day. Which was
a good thing given that our obviously defeated
President. Rather than embrace the message we
the people sent - he came out swinging post the
midterm. Much to our chagrin, embarrassment,
and horror. He really is quite a disagreeable
chap! Or should I say LOATHSOME LOSER.

Anger mismanagement
Given misery loves company, I take pleasure in
knowing that Mr. Trump had an equally awful
day. The difference being how he handled it.
When confronted with what seems impossible
I try to stay humble. Focusing on whatever task
is at hand. Whereas our chief executive blindly
comes out swinging. The result of his behavior
wreaking havoc on our country and all within.
And for what good? One wonders if Mr. Trump
feels better after he berates our press corp? Or
summarily dismisses a longterm loyal minion
who played a key role in getting him where he
is today? Has Don NO sense of DECENCY?

Light brigade
It's been said that time tests a man. Meaning
that in theory - the evolutionary process of
our time here on earth tends to enlighten only
those willing to maintain an open mind. Thus
while I didn't enjoy yesterday's blitzkrieg -
I'm a better man for having learned another
lesson. And hopefully won't repeat the same
mistakes. If only the same could be said for
the forty fifth President of the United States.
Sadly it's obvious that Donald has yet again
learned nothing from his challenges. Instead
he intends to punish all of us for his mistakes.
Leaving me to ask... karma where are you?