Tuesday, July 31, 2018


The long way home
Summertime in Montana is beyond glorious.
After a long and merciless winter we savor
these days as the sun shines from above in a
pure blue big sky. Enjoying no humidity and
highs in the seventies to low eighties. Every
night we chill as the temperature falls to the
fifties. All of which means that much like the
swallows of Capistrano lost lambs return to
the fold for at least a week or so. Along with
a broad range of newbies discovering the
joys of life out here in the wild west offers.
All of which requires that we locals meet,
greet, host, feed, and entertain said masses.
Too much of a good thing...
Initially it's rather fun given we just spent six
months in hibernation. However after a few
weeks of endless conviviality - it gets rather
exhausting. Don't get me wrong. We're happy
to have you here. Especially given the benefits
to the local economy are more than worth the
effort. Some of us handle the pressure better
than ever. Yet in a community which literally
goes from feast to famine, you can't blame us
for being overwhelmed. Hence you shouldn't
be surprised if some fo the local eateries run
out of food. Or worse... patience. Obviously
they forgot to prepare for the onslaught.
Back in the saddle again
One thing is certain, We're grateful for all of
your attention. And all too aware that all too
soon this too shall end. Thus when you live
in the middle of no where it's important to be
thankful for whatever you get. Hence most
Montanans rise to the occasion during the
summer season. After all  dishing out western
fantasies for city slickers can be more than
lucrative. However that's not our primary
reason for putting ourselves out June through
September. You see the people crazy enough
to live in a place such as this absolutely love
it. And adore being paid too much attention.
Winter solstice
Montana is a land of extremes. Meaning that
depending on the time of year, our weather is
either brutally cruel or gloriously indulgent.
Such adverse situations force those blessed
enough to live here to easily adapt to almost
any situation. Thus for now we are perfectly
happy dealing with hordes of family, friends,
and first timers. Once hunting season is over
everything will return to normal. Giving us
plenty of time to recoup, regroup, and prepare
for next summer's return engagement. And so
while you're enjoying your summer vacation,
some of us will be dreaming of winter...