Friday, July 6, 2018


Shock and awe
Now that summer is here, it's rather easier
to take a step back and enjoy life. Not that
there aren't plenty of things to do. Nor any
deficit of world crisis one can worry about.
However in the midst of all of the mess that
seems to swirl about is lies the verdant, lazy,
glorious days of this most lovely time of the
year. And here in central Montana, we're fully
aware that time is of the essence. In that warm
weather is temporal at best. Which could be
the reason that our summers seem are all the
more fabulous. Honestly, I'm hard pressed to
name a better place to be. It's just amazing.
Seeing is believing
Appreciating the here and now is a skill that I
continue to endeavor to perfect. Quite frankly
it's often hard to separate the forest from the
trees (or visa versa). Especially in these times
when fantasy, fact, and subterfuge co exist in
constant conflict. Thus embracing the here
and now can be as elusive as encountering
a unicorn. And yet, nirvana is all around us.
Patiently waiting to be noticed, savored, and
celebrated. The question is why can't we see
and savor all that we've got? Or even more
important, be humbled by the sheer majesty
and beauty of our lives on an everyday basis?
As good as it gets
I realize that I've talked about appreciating the
here and now before. Like many, I am easily
distracted by my daily grind. Life itself can
be if nothing else a major distraction. Then
suddenly I look around. And all that has been
bothering me is put in context. The fact is I'm
blessed to share my life with my own perfect
compliment. We live in a lovely home in an
amazing place. Both being relatively "healthy."
Even if one could lose some weight. And we
have a family who we love. Hence whatever
we're worrying about isn't worth our time or
effort. We should enjoy all that we've got.
Equal opportunity
How about you? Something tells me that you're
equally consumed with a plethora of unnecessary
diversions. Things that in the end will probably
not be worth the investment. So why don't you
give yourself a bitch slap of reality? Get up and
look out of the window. Better yet, get out and
experience all that is within your reach. Level
setting one's life against that's good about it is
much better than balancing your checkbook.
Obviously your problems are NOT going away.
However, once they're put in context, somehow
they're easier to solve. In truth, life is good. All
that you have to do is just start living...