Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Hidden assets
Whenever the world gets to be overwhelming
I hide. Covertly content in my "safe zone" I'm
able to forget all that ails us. Which means that
when confronted with situations far beyond my
control - I get busy and do something about it.
However before you assume that means facing
my enemies directly - please know that instead
my point of no return is the most mundane of
tasks. However given that I prefer immediate
gratification - said hidden pleasures often are
limited to a finite arena. And yet it's within said
nirvana that one discovers that for a minimum
of effort one can yield the maximum of results.
All that glitters is not gold
Yesterday as the world seemingly imploded
I didn't know what to do. If nothing else the
antics of our commander in chief served a
purpose. Which was to motivate me to run
away from it all and polish the silver. Any
housekeeper knows that ignoring the dirty
truth only defers the inevitable. Fortunately
a bit of polish and some elbow grease easily
eliminates even the most corrosive of natural
phenomena. And while I've no idea whether
Mr. Trump can ever polish his now tarnished
reputation, I knew an afternoon of polishing
silver would brighten my gloomy outlook.
Smooth operators
It's quite obvious that Washington is deep into
a rather pressing situation. Everybody knows
it takes a smooth operator to establish a even
playing ground. No wonder little yields greater
satisfaction than ironing things out. And while
some consider domestic remediation tedious -
the art of smoothing things over always yields
results. Hence I'm hard pressed to find a more
effective solution than turning up the heat,
applying appropriate pressure, and folding
when necessary. Now, if only our politicians
could work together to do the same rather than
continue to air their dirty laundry for all to see!
Take out the trash
Each and every one of us have some sort of
hiding place. A realm where we try to escape
all that is seemingly beyond our control. But
given all that is happening, I question whether
any of us can avoid our responsibilities as
Americans. Sitting back and assuming others
will clean up our mess is foolhardy at best.
Come this November many of us will have an
opportunity to put our collective house in order.
With a flick of a switch or chit - we change
our course for the better. Consider this mid-
term election your opportunity to CLEAN
HOUSE. Meaning our Congress and Senate!