Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Opening day
Wednesday is the first day of the
Central Montana Fair. Located on
the edge of Lewistown our fair
grounds sit idle most of the year.
However for four summer days
it's packed with most of Fergus
County. Frankly I'm not fond of
crowds seating in the summer
sun. However if you've never
been to a regional fair, you ought
to consider attending. From fun
houses to funnel cakes it's worth
experiencing at least once a year!

Happy hiatus
It's important to note that agriculture
is big business in this area. Hence
many locals spend the majority of
their days (and nights) tending crops
and livestock. It's the type of life that
while seemingly simple, requires the
patience and resolve of a gambler.
Each spring ranchers sow their seeds
and then wait... Wondering if Mother
Nature will enable them to thrive or
survive. July is a rancher's purgatory.
What's done is done. All you can do
is pray. Or better yet go to the fair!

The more the merrier
There are two reasons to attend the
fair. To socialize and compete. Ever
since homesteaders first settled in
Central Montana, the size of farms
and ranches have grown while the
population decreased. Now ranchers
manage massive tracts of land. And
so depending on whether they like
company or not, they have to travel
miles before seeing a friendly face.
Thus the fair is the equivalent of a
big family reunion. A time to forget
your chores and have a bit of fun!

Prime meet
Generation after generation, ranchers
invest substantial time, energy, and
cash in breeding the best livestock
possible. And while it's fun to show
off the fruits of one's labor, one must
maintain a competitive edge. Plus a
walking hunk of beef or pork can be
worth big bucks! The bigger yours is
the higher the price. And while few
admit it, many ranchers maintain a
spiritual bond with their herds. No
wonder emotions run high as they
compete for recognition at the fair!

Worth the fare
However the primary reason to
attend the fair is the thrill of it!
From people watching, carousel
riding bronco busting, demo
derbies, to corn dogs,  and more!
Strutting your stuff is obviously
better than sitting at home. It's
over Saturday so why not hop in
the pick up and hit Lewistown.
After all you've got nothing to
lose on the midway but a bit of
cash and your dignity! And who
knows, you may have some fun!