Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Wait a minute...
Upon reflection I'm unwilling to wait
until November to give thanks. Such
a delay is a thankless way to express
my gratitude. With or without a drum
stick, happiness and fulfillment are all
around me. Hence daily, hourly, every
minute - I can easily find something
to be grateful for. Therefore the very
least this man can do is acknowledge
the good in my life on a regular basis.
Equally important is to truly embrace
that even the most painful of life's
challenges are inevitably beneficial.
Time well spent
For most of my life I've chased elusive
dreams. Endlessly toiling in an attempt
to get to anyplace but here. And yet in
hindsight, I acknowledge that the trip
itself was the most beneficial element
of said transition. Finding out who I
was and what I needed enabled me to
find peace and contentment. Causing
this reluctant traveler to be thankful
and humbled each and every day by
said experience. So why must I wait
for the turkey to exit the oven before
I can finally be grateful for life's gifts?
The longer the better
With age comes the realization that it's
best to enjoy every moment you've got.
Learning to embrace happenstance is a
a rather natural process. There's no way
that I can directly attribute my perpetual
state of bliss to anything specific. I must
confess that my simplest moments often
provide the most joy. Thus capricious or
unplanned events yield bigger and quite
better results. Hence I've learned to let it
flow. And once you can be open to just
about anything, magical things happen!
Reason enough to give thanks everyday.
C'mon get happy!
Theres so much to be thankful for.
Whether it's the sunlight filtering
through our Horse Chestnut or my
dearest friend's oldest jokes, I'm oft
amazed at what life has to offer. Is
happiness simply waiting for us to
discover it? Yet at this point in my
zen diatribe I feel the need to stop
for a reality check. Others may be
incredulous at the idea of some guy
who seemingly has it all must wax
on about nirvana. But before you
say "no thanks" think positively...
Turkey trot
When were you last truly thankful? Even if
your life in theory "sucks" I'm certain that
if you search deep down into your quagmire
you'll discover something to be grateful for.
We each have the power to shift from the
negative to the positive. That's the only way
to end the cycle of self mutilation. Begin by
acknowledging that there is a vast difference
between good in bad. However both provide
a context for improvement. You simply have
to be willing to stop the madness and move
along. Ready to start your own Thanksgiving
celebration?! Join the rest of us turkeys!