Monday, July 30, 2018


Out of order
Many of my lady friends suffer from
insomnia. Try as they might they can't
sleep. Thus like zombies they wander
about the house searching for solace.
Normally I have the opposite problem.
Meaning that some assume that I suffer
from narcolepsy. I usually can nod off
anytime, anywhere. However once in
awhile I'll awaken in the wee hours.
And once I'm up... I might as well get
out of bed. That's because try as I might
NOTHING is going to take me back to
my dreams. Even my worst nightmares!
Nocturnal omissions
The other night said phenomena struck
once more. Looking back there was an
obvious explanation for my sleepless
night. You see, I was more than excited
about the prospect of my eldest and her
family arriving the next day. Therefore
my mind was abuzz with things to do,
places to go, and worries of anything
that might defer our happiness. All of
a sudden I realized that I'd become my
father. Howard worried about everything.
Thus if one was delayed he assumed you
were "dead on the side of the road."
Positive influences
Normally I'm not that type of guy. For
many reasons I'm oblivious to external
factors. My natural preference is to
focus on whatever task is at hand with
laser like optimism. Rarely do I ever
see the glass half empty given an over
abundance of myopic enthusiasm. Don't
get me wrong, I'm as jaded as the next
guy. However rather than consider the
worst, I assume the best. Said approach
rarely lets me down. Yet something was
driving my sudden inability to sleep. So
exactly what was my problem?
A shot in the dark?
Could it be that all of the terror within
our world had finally gotten to me? Let's
be honest, these are scary times. Every
day when I turn on the computer I'm
greeted by another horrible revelation.
Be that global warming, terrorists, or
some new Trump twitter blast. Leaving
us all to wonder what's next. However
I've not willing to be the victim of an
external force's ill will. The odds are
higher that I'll die of old age out here
in nowhere - Central Montana. So why
worry about things beyond my control?
Wake up call
It seems that rather than due to angst,
my impromptu wake up call seems to
have been driven by anticipation. That's
because I was beyond excited about the
impending arrival of my kids. Believe
it or not it's been two years since "E"
was last in Montana. I can't wait to see
my twelve year old grand daughter "M."
And there's the piece de resistance - my
daughter-in-law "K" who really needed
to get away. For weeks I've planned and
planned.. Wanting to make sure we all
have a good time, No wonder I'm busy!
Overnight sensation
I'll admit that at times I can be rather a
control freak. With things to do, places
to go, and people to see one could have
easily filled up their dance cards. Yet
during their week long sojourn my plan
is to do nothing. Except enjoy our time
together and go with the flow. Whether
that mans fishing for "K", dishing with
"E", and shopping with "M".  Which is
why I've under committed. This family
time means that the most important
thing is to enjoy each other's company.
And do absolutely nothing... together!
Dream a little dream for me
Normally there is fourteen hundred miles
between my grand daughter and I. For the
next few days she'll see me for who I am.
A dramatic departure from our visits on
her home turf. I love when she can spend
time with Frank and I in our home. Which
is reason enough to be excited, which may
be the cause of my sleepless nights. Could
this visit be a wake up call? A reminder
that time is short and thus quite precious?
Last night they arrived safe and sound.
Which may be why I slept like a baby.
Proof that dreams do come true!