Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The day the world stood still...

I awoke before dawn.

I made some coffee.

I tuned into the Helsinki press conference.

I watched the disaster as it happened.

I recoiled in horror.

I listened in disbelief.

I was shocked and disgusted.

I turned off the television.

I sat silently in shock.

I tried to forget.

I attempted to get some work done.

I reluctantly tuned back in.

I listened to analysis of the debacle.

I was overcome with shame.

I made lunch.

I washed the dishes.

I was visited by old friends.

I tried to forget.

I tried to write this blog.

I attempted to clear my head.

I turned on the television once again.

I couldn't avoid the inevitable.

I watched and quietly wept.

I had to turn it off.

I made dinner.

I drank a lot of wine.

I washed the dishes.

I tuned in for a final review of the day.

I became quite angry and very depressed.

I finally had enough.

I went to bed.

I tried to fall asleep...

And resigned myself to the fact
that today,
my worst nightmare finally came true.

The President of our United States
is nothing but a TRAITOR.