Monday, April 23, 2018


Out of hibernation
I write this having just spent three days out
and about enjoying the spring weather. Here
in central Montana we've no illusions that a
few days in the sun are indication that spring
has arrived. Especially given the forecast by
the time you read this on Monday, is that we
will be in the midst of a nasty snow storm. If
nothing else the yin and yang of this time of
year makes any form of deferred gratification
all the more special. Hence all of we locals
came out of the woodwork to putter about
our yards. Knowing full well that our spring
awakening could yet turn into a nightmare.
Nature boys
Thus far this spring has been a revelation for
Frank and I. In part because this is the first
spring since we planted much of our gardens
last summer. Miraculously after what many
deem to have been one of the worst winters
in decades - most of Frank's hard work is
popping up from what was frozen tundra a
few days ago. Remember that less than two
weeks ago it snowed almost a foot. So seeing
some indication that there is life still left in
this challenging climate is beyond inspiring.
And while one's natural inclination is to start
planting a garden - that's still not possible.
Oh... snow?
Here in Central Montana we're guaranteed to
experience at least one more MAJOR winter
storm. An attack that invariably tends to hit
during the first two weeks of May. Thus any
seasoned local knows that one shouldn't plant
anything above ground until after Mother's
Day. Especially given we're certain to have
several frosts before then. All of which is hard
to comprehend when it's in the mid seventies
in the sun and the sky above is a most glorious
blue. If nothing else Mother Nature must have
a cruel sense of humor. Using a brutal cold snap
or two (or three) to keep us out in the COLD.
Snap, crackle, pop
Life here in the middle of no where is not all
that different than on the isle of Manhattan.
With spring comes the realization that we are
not alone given one can hear their neighbors
through a newly opened window. And while
donning that spring frock seems smart on a
sunny morning, bringing a sweater along for
the walk home makes sense. While cleaning
up post winter's wrath isn't the most pleasant
of activities - I rather like doing windows. If
for no other reason that viewing the world via
a crystal clear prism brightens one's outlook.
Offering visible proof that hope is on the way!
Mowed over
Wherever you are - enjoy it while you can.
Those tender green shoots you now consider
harbingers of spring will soon be huge weeds.
And before you know it - we'll be moaning
about the heat, bugs, and yard work. With
every spring only one thing is certain. Which
is that while the grass may seem greener on
the other side, it will still have to be raked,
aerated, and mowed just the same. An task
that sadly my neighbor across the street will
not be doing. Hence I can't wait for our front
trees to blossom and quickly block our view
of his forgotten plot. Ah.... wilderness!