Monday, April 16, 2018


Spring vacation?
I know what you've been doing. Well... at
least I think I do. It's funny how readership
for this blog is cyclical. At times everyone
seems to be doing the roue'. Then all of a
sudden it's as if you disappeared en masse.
Recently readership has been lighter than
usual. I'm chalking some of that up to two
things. First, it's spring. And even here in
Montana gardeners like Frank are finally
able to get out and about. Second, all of the
recent attention on Facebook caused them
to change their "algorithms." Meaning that
fewer "friends" get a daily roue' reminder.
Exercise in futility?
An obvious lack of engagement aside, I know
that all too soon most of those distracted will
re-engage. A fact that frankly is very gratifying.
I honestly can't thank you enough for reading
and thus validating my daily spew.  As I have
said many times before, writing a daily cyber
missive such as this is if nothing else a record
of my before and after. And if one tracks back
through the last five years of this blog you can
immediately understand how I have got from
here to there. In addition you'll discover that
two thousand days later - little seems to have
truly changed. But is that a good or bad thing?
Rear view mirror?
Periodically I recycle posts long lost that are
still relevant. Often they need some tweaking
as time marches on. However over all, much
of my thinking, muses, opines, and arguments
remain relevant. While external factors such
a job, location, or related circumstances have
changed dramatically over the years, I've been
consistent in my outlook. A fact that is either
oddly reassuring or subtly terrifying. Am I so
sedentary that nothing ever happens? Or have
I been building an ever changing life upon a
firm foundation? Have I been right all along
or was I consistently in a delusional haze?!
Up in smoke?
I don't know about you but I occasionally need
affirmation that all is OK. One can easily be
distracted by silly things. Until recently I was
NEVER politically oriented. Nowadays it's all
too easy to focus on everything that's wrong
with our leadership in Washington. However
in truth, on the short term most of it has little
to no impact. The issue is... what does this all
mean long term. Looking back we've all been
through a lot since I started writing this blog.
And overall, things are much better than they
were. The question is... where will we all be
five or ten years from now? In heaven or hell?
From bad to worse?
Rarely do we focus on the future. However
I worry about what the future holds for my
grandchildren and their future offspring. For
now Mr. Trump's shenanigans have little to
no effect. And yet ultimately the work of his
cabinet could impact the destiny of those we
love. Slowly and incrementally they've been
chipping away at individual rights in favor
of corporate greed.  While we'll probably not
see much negative impact of his agenda in
our lifetime, future generations will. Causing
them to wonder what were we thinking. And
more important... why we did nothing...