Monday, April 2, 2018

Going back from whence we came...

Back off
If only we didn't have to deal with
different kinds of people. Well...
at least not those who we deem to
be not one of "us". While many of
us prefer hanging with our status
quo - in truth we're ALL different.
And that diversity is what has and
will always make America great.
Yet nowadays rather than celebrate
how different we are, some of us
are trying to legislate their version
of "normal" on the rest of us. And
we wonder why we can't get along!
Drive by assault
Years ago we had a lovely dinner with
a local couple. Chances are we don't
agree on everything, yet we found
more than common ground over two
bottles of red wine. As we exited the
restaurant the only other customer
shouted out a greeting. New in town,
she spewed a plethora of far right
rhetoric. Given Frank and I naturally
land on the opposite side - we did not
agree with her opinions. However,
being gracious gentlemen we smiled,
listened, and moved towards the door.
You don't say
Apparently our faces gave us away.
Before we could exit the room she
quickly apologized. And we quickly
reinforced that no apology was at
all necessary. We lauded her passion
and affirmed that diversity is what
makes this country great. However
what concerns me is that both sides
of our political fence seem to differ
with that stance. Rather than laud
our collective differences, most of
our leadership prefers to degrade
and deride which only DIVIDES.
Side by side
The fact is we don't have to agree.
Working through our differences
ultimately makes us all stronger.
Somewhere there's some sort of
common ground and that's where
we all need to be standing. Hiding
in a corner never makes a massive
sink hole between either side go
away. Being an American means
that while I don't have to like you -
I must respect you. Sadly it seems
that most our political leadership
doesn't embrace that philosophy.
Goose or gander?
Again, I feel I must reiterate - we don't
have to always agree. However, at some
point we must align in order to get from
here to there. When are we going to rise
above all of this? How can we move
forward if most of us are still dragging
our feet? I'm all for a dialogue but there
comes a time when we have to agree to
disagree, align on something, anything!
And move on. Disagreement isn't going
to kill us - inertia just might. Locally
and nationally - we need to move on.
Are you as bored with this as I am?!
Equal opportunity
As one sifts through history, leaders
lead. And while that at times means
taking a bullet for the rest of us, it
requires a willingness to listen and
learn. Like it or not we've all got
something more to learn. And in my
opinion only fools are unwilling to
change their minds. So while I didn't
like everything the lady said long ago,
I respect her right to say it like she
feels it is. Thus if and when we meet
again I will graciously do the same.