Saturday, April 14, 2018

Here today... gone tomorrow...

Tempus fugit
Time is fleeting at best. Hence ultimately one
figures out that we're all transients. And thus
but temporary inhabitants of this earth. We're
all in essence living on borrowed time and so
each of us has our respective expiration date.
All of the above is not meant to be morbid in
the slightest. Rather I view the reality of our
individual narrow windows of opportunities
as reason enough to enjoy the here and now.
Rather than worry about what's yet to come.
After all, who knows when it's going to end?
Which is more than enough reason to seize
each moment, savor every day, and just live!
Lost & found
Yesterday my friend lost her Mother. To be
honest, it was a welcome departure as her
last years hadn't been very golden. A victim
of dementia, they'd both waited for the end
for years. Having watched my Dad suffer
similar circumstances - it's hard to not deem
such a waiting game a waste of time. Losing
someone you love is hard enough. But living
with whatever remains year after year is if
nothing else humbling. Caring for someone
incapable of acknowledging said kindness
may seen unrewarding. However in truth it
is truly payback time for a lifetime of love.
From start to finish
It's been said that youth is wasted on the young.
However in hindsight I'm not certain that's true.
Every moment is a learning experience. And
during those early days of life - our naivety is
founded on the very fact that our expectations
are limited at best. Hence a baby's smile is all
the more radiant given it embodies an element
of surprise. During childhood we're constantly
connecting life's dots. Building a foundation
upon which the rest of our lives is based upon.
Thus every day we educate ourselves. Until we
assume know it all. Only to fail and start again.
Therefore life is an endless cycle of recycling.
Same old song
In life every lesson is fueled by a plethora of
shocking revelations. Some good, some bad,
all illuminating. However as we age, these
cycles of adult education become ever more
familiar. Said process of bumping into our
limitations becomes rote. Thus celebrations
of progress grow few and farther between.
That's the point when we assume that we've
wasted our youth. When in reality we moved
on to a higher level - a new plateau of greater
understanding. Within that context it's easy
to assume that any joy in life is over. When
in truth, the real fun is only just beginning.
The final round
As tots we've no idea what might happen
next. Therefore every challenge is a new
opportunity. Such optimism gets harder
to maintain post a life of joy and sorrow.
Having been there, done that we sit and
wait. Such a not so subtle acceptance of
defeat blinds us from what we're missing.
Rather than defer to the inevitable - this
point in life may be the best time to push
the envelope. With your talent, smarts,
and experience, who knows what is still
possible?! Why embrace complacency?
The best is yet to come! GO FOR IT!